Shiley Eyemobile gives kids ‘The World to See’

By Jared Aarons

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — As thousands of kids across San Diego County struggle with vision problems, the UC San Diego Shiley Eye Institute is working to help them all see the world more clearly.

A team of optometrists at Shiley run the “Eyemobile,” an ophthalmology office on wheels, that goes into underserved communities.

“It’s very rewarding,” says Dr. Rachel Lee. “The kids and the families that come through here are so grateful.”

The Eyemobile visits more than 250 schools per year. Doctors use an Auto-Refractor to give an initial screening and determine which children might need eye care. It’s quicker and more accurate than a screening done by a pediatrician or school nurse with an eye chart.

“Screenings at a pediatrician are very helpful,” says Dr. Lee. “But there’s a lot of things that are missed. So using our Auto-Refractor and screening the kids in schools helps us catch a lot more kids that are in need of glasses and care.”

The kids identified as “at-risk” then get a full eye exam on the Eyemobile. If they need it, they also get a pair of glasses, which are shipped within a few weeks.

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