This would not have been possible

Hola Iliana,

It is a pleasure to be working with you and your team every year to help our students; we appreciate the amazing service your program offers.  Today was an exceptional day and I just wanted to share with you why.

We have 2 students with special needs and today your staff, Eric and the optometrist Palanca, went above and beyond to assess their vision.  One student would not go in the trailer at all and the other is wheelchair bound.  Your staff was flexible and together with our teacher, they brainstormed, implemented a plan and both students were successfully assessed.

This would not have been possible without your staff being caring and understanding of our students’ needs.  Both students did not have a baseline vision screening and now they do.

Once again, many thanks for the ongoing support you offer Rosa Parks.  True customer service was exemplified today!



Martha Bajet, RN, MPH

School Nurse

Rosa Parks Elementary School